Poker Magazines Worth Checking Out

It’s been said that if something is truly popular, it’ll definitely have a magazine for the topic. This is because magazine outlets only invest money into creating something when they know that someone else is going to be excited enough to buy it no matter what happens. Not every hobby lends itself well to the magazine model concept. This is why you see some hobbies … Continue reading Poker Magazines Worth Checking Out

Poker Betting

If you are not familiar with poker betting and want to play online poker then you really have two options. You either choose to play poker slots, where you just pay a certain amount of money for each spin of the reel or you start to learn about betting. Depending on the version of the game that you are playing, the poker betting may be … Continue reading Poker Betting

Omaha Poker Guide

If you want to be a good poker player, then you should know how to play all poker games varieties and Omaha poker is a great starting point. Its rules are not too complicated to memorize and you will be able to learn other poker games faster if you master Omaha poker rules first. For one thing, Omaha and Texas hold’em have very similar rules, … Continue reading Omaha Poker Guide