Deposit Money – Moneta payment method

Moneta is a relatively new online payment method, launched in 2005 that manages to bring an innovative, fast and reliable way to deposit money to online casinos. The secret behind stands in the fact that they have an immense number of e-port that will allow you to instantly deposit money into your Moneta account from more than 60,000 terminals. Along with that, there are also more than 20,000 ATMs across the Russian region where you can deposit money to your account and it’s going to be extremely easy to find an Instant Payment Terminal.

Background facts about Moneta is a payment system which is currently available only in Russia. This online payment system was established back in 2005 and it’s the perfect payment method for the Russian region. This payment system is not only used for online casinos, but it can be used to pay for many other different services, like utility payments, e-tickets to different events, online trading, social networks and other gambling services. accepts payments in the most popular currencies that are used in Russia and the countries around. You can make an online casino deposit with in RUB, USD, EUR and GBP.

What Online Casinos will accept Moneta as a payment option?

Right now there are many great online casino brands that accept as a payment method. Some of them are: and Casino-on-Net. But the list doesn’t end here; there are also many premium online poker rooms: Full Tilt poker and Pacific Poker.

What are the fees that you have to pay in order to make a Moneta Deposit?

Some online casinos will not impose any fees for the deposits that you will make with However if the online casino claims that on their website and they will charge you with fees, make sure that you contact the online casino to solve the problem.

There aren’t any fees when you make a deposit at an online casino, but when you will make a deposit to your account you will have to pay certain fees that start from 1% and can go up to 4% depending on what method you will use in order to make that deposit.

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