Deposit Money – Visa payment method

Visa is one of the world’s largest payment method providers. Every time you are trying to purchase something, one of the first things that run through your head is Visa. Right now almost every single online casino in the world is accepting Visa as a payment method along with MasterCard.

However due to the legislation in the US, the residents have started to find it a lot more difficult to make deposits to online casinos by using Visa credit cards. We recommend that before you try out any other payment method (e-wallet or prepaid card), to try your Visa credit card and only in case this gets rejected move on and try to find another payment method.

Background facts about Visa

Visa is the world’s number one credit card and it is now available almost in every country of the world. The statistics are saying that there are more than 346 million Visa Electron cards issued worldwide and there are even more Visa branded credit cards issued.

There are millions of ATMs and POS all over the world where you can access your money and this payment method is also very popular among online gambling websites. You can basically make a deposit by using a Visa credit card at almost any online casino out there.

All the transactions that are made online by using a Visa credit card are going to be made in a completely safe and secured environment, since the transactions will be made by using an SSL connection (128 or 256 bits SSL). This way you can be sure that you will never suffer from identity theft and your personal credit card information will always be kept private.

What Online Casinos will accept Visa as a payment option?

Basically any online casino known to man on the internet is currently accepting to make deposits via credit cards. At the same time some online casinos are also accepting Visa for withdrawals, usually the cash out can’t be bigger than the amount of money that you have deposited, since what they are doing basically is to reverse a part or the entire transaction.

Even if almost 100% of the online casinos are accepting Visa as a payment method, the real problem resides in the fact that your credit card might get rejected. Ever since the 2006 UIGEA bill was passed making a deposit at an online casino with the help of a credit card has started to be a difficult task. But there is always the alternative of using an e-wallet.

What are the fees that you have to pay in order to make a Visa Deposit?

The moment you will make a deposit at an online casino by using a Visa credit card, you should not be charged any fees. The existing fees are usually covered by the online casino. However we cannot guarantee that all the online casinos are able to offer you 0 fees. So it’s always best that you check out their website’s cashier section and in case it’s nothing mentioned there, you can always ask the live chat support or send them an e-mail to confirm the 0 fees.

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