Poker Magazines Worth Checking Out

It’s been said that if something is truly popular, it’ll definitely have a magazine for the topic. This is because magazine outlets only invest money into creating something when they know that someone else is going to be excited enough to buy it no matter what happens. Not every hobby lends itself well to the magazine model concept. This is why you see some hobbies have virtually no magazines at all.

If you’re excited about poker, you probably want as much exposure to the world of poker as you can get. What if you can’t play poker? Surely there’s going to come a point where you really want to do more than just look at message boards, right? Right!

Here are some poker magazines that you can check out in your spare time.

The first magazine of note is Card Player. It’s a US publication that has plenty of information on poker strategies and upcoming tournaments. There is a Player of the Year contest that comes up, and plenty of tournament coverage that captures the spirit of the online field. Most of the top poker rooms do advertise in Card Player, so this is also a great chance to catch deals that you might have missed. There’s no law that says you have to stay married to one casino — unlike dating, no one is going to make fun of you if you play the field a little.

Another magazine to definitely look into would have to be Bluff Magazine. Player rankings, current issues in poker, and plenty of strategy tips await you with this magazine. What we liked is that there’s definitely a no-nonsense vibe that’s refreshing. Far too often people think that they have to sugarcoat things to newbies, and that’s really not the case at all. In fact, newcomers need to realize that poker is all about the survival of the fittest. The people that are nice to you in the poker forums are not necessarily going to be nice to you when it’s time to go head to head. You’re going to either have to develop a thick skin, or you won’t last very long. In fact, you’ll gain a reputation for being too soft and more people will pick on you.

The last magazine that we wanted to touch on is Blind Straddle Magazine. It’s an online publication that has plenty of big dogs writing for it, including Lou Krieger and Chris “Fox” Wallace. We thought it was worth mentioning for the star power alone, but you might have different feelings. We really do feel like you should try to check out a wide range of magazines in order to find one you like. When you can’t play the actual game, being immersed in it is still a good way to keep the subjects fresh and recharge without being sucked back into gameplay.

What magazines do you like that feature poker as one of the main subjects? Don’t be afraid to let us know!

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