Poker Novices

Playing at a casino can be quite scary if you are not used to it. There are all sorts of rules that you need to follow and even if you have learned all of  those, there are many unwritten rules as well. Some people may not realise it is rude to use your mobile phone while playing and others may bet out of turn or make silly mistakes like that.

However, if you play online, no one will be able to see if you are on your phone and you will not be allowed to bet out of turn. There are many other things that you could potentially do wring in a casino, but online you will be able to get away with. Perhaps such as playing in your pyjamas and having something to eat and drink during the game. Being in the comfort of your own home while playing online poker has many more advantages than you might think and if you are new to the game it could be even better for you. Not being quite sure of how to play could be embar

rassing but you are protected online because people will only know you as your screen name and you can always change that should you feel the need or just start playing on a different site. This is no excuse for cheating, you will be banned by the website itself if that happens, but it does mean that you can take the game less seriously and have more fun with it. So if you are afraid of playing poker because you are new to the game, then playing online could be the answer for you. You can learn as you go, not worry about knowing all the etiquette and you should be able to have a lot of fun with it.

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