Truly Good Poker Hands Worth Playing

Do you know great hands when you see them? Sure, if you’re a seasoned poker player, this guide is going to be pretty basic. yet we believe that you should always get up to the moment information when you get, and that means that you need to really make sure that you’re thinking about more than just what players are betting — you need to think about what qualifies as a good hand.

We wanted to just make a quick guide to bring you up to speed fast.

1. Ace-Ace (AA)

AA is one of our favorite hands. It’s often referred to as “rockets” in casual chat. If you have AA, make sure that you at least raise a little pre-flop to clear the board of bad hands. AA is the best of the best. Is it perfect? Nope. It’s quite possible to have AA and lose. You gotta play the odds.

2. King-King (KK)

KK is considered the second best hold’em hand. Very strong, and players quiver when they see it on the showdown. They know that you’re a serious player when you’ve got KK in hand.

3. Queen-Queen (QQ)

Usually just referred to as “ladies”. Kings and Aces will still get you, but QQ can explode with the right flop.

4. Ace-King (AK)

Big Slick. It’s one of our favorite starting hands, for a lot of different reasons. It has a lot of promise, but it can be tricky. Go for suited over unsuited, since you will be able to produce a great flush with very little effort. Be prepared to fold AK. A lot of newbies aren’t, and it ends up biting them in the butt. Hard.

5. Jack-Jack (JJ)

Pocket pairs make us happy — the right flop can really pay off with JJ. Not as good as AA or KK, but it can be profitable. Play it carefully and make sure that you’re willing to fold.

6. Ace-Queen (AQ)

Second best drawing hand, which means that you’ve got potential for big wins. Tread carefully though.

7. King-Queen (KQ)

KQ is a great hand, especially suited. However, because there’s the risk of an ace, you want to make sure that you tread as carefully as you can. You might want to throw caution to the wind, but that’s a good way to end up losing your chips.

8. Ace-Jack (AJ)

AJ is another hand that’s good for quite a few things. Suited provides fodder for flushes, and you might get lucky with a straight draw.

9. King-Jack (KJ)

This is a hand that’s best played in later positions. Early position playing KJ can mean getting beaten by someone holding a higher hand. If there’s an Ace on the board… watch out.

10. Ace-Ten (AT)

It’s a great hand, for a lot of different flops — 10-10-J? You’ve got trips. A-A-T? You’ve got tens full of aces. Make sure that your betting reflects the quality of your hand. Don’t slow play. Go for the throat.

Overall, we can’t get enough of these hands. Does that mean that it’s not worth playing a hand if you don’t get these? Not at all. You just might need to go slower than if you had any of these ten great hands.

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